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Data is nothing in itself – We make it valuable

Data is nothing in itself. You can have so much data, adding so little value. Your data needs to be complete, correct, integrated and relevant to your business. Then you need to interpret and analyze the data so it can turn into valuable decision support or useful predictions about the future.

We help you go from incomplete raw data to fact-based action and automated processes. We do this by focusing on the data itself, the analysis of the data and the distribution of insights throughout your organization. This is how we help you go From Data to Data Driven.

Data should be seen as a corporate asset. Based on data we build capabilities throughout your company to more effectively drive your most important KPI´s. The more you know, the smarter you act. The smarter you act, the more money you make. Let us help you make more money.


Our Services



Advanced Analytics

At its core, advanced analytics is about using your data proactively. Statistical modelling and machine learning techniques can be applied to identify potential upsell and churn segments, to identify subtle trend shifts in your


Data Strategy

Most companies have their data stored in silos, which limits its use and hinders performance. We advocate an holistic approach to data management, enabling a more advanced use of your data and a better alignment between your data


CDO (Chief Data Officer)

Data is a corporate asset with high potential business value. Despite this, companies many times accept sub-optimal use of their data. Recognizing and realizing the data opportunities goes beyond your IT-department

Our Philosophy

正 is pronounced sei and translates to logical and true.

We interpret this as making correct assumptions and accurate representations using data.

成 is pronounced sei and translates to reaching and  becoming.

We interpret this as growing into something bigger, better and more valuable than before, using data.

生 is pronounced sei and translates to genuine.

This kanji is also strongly related to the act of passing knowledge on to those around you, as in teaching and sharing your knowledge.

Our Team

andreas franson

Core competences: Change Management and Strategy.

10 years experience as a consultant and 8 years experience from heading and developing analytics departments. Probably one of few who have authored a Data Strategy. Management skills combined with a deep and broad understanding of the different skill sets and roles related to working with data and analytics in a company.

I am a rational, logical and structured person, with the social skills also needed to achieve real change in an organization. I will always challenge status quo, non-optimal processes and irrational decisions and I do this by bringing simplicity and clarity to complex situations and problems.

For great things to happen you need a plan, highly skilled and motivated people and a buy-in from management.

Management buy-in is on you and the rest you leave to me.

marcus berg

Core competences: Statistical modelling and analysis.

I’ve spent my career moving between teaching at university and consulting in a wide variety of fields. Repeatedly moving between these environments has helped me develop a strong theoretical foundation as well as a good understanding of business goals and needs, and the ability to merge these two.

People commonly describe me as a positive force in projects, that I’m easy to talk to and good at building roadmaps for analytics projects. I work in every cycle of the analytics project: Planning, organizing, building, implementing and maintaining what I design and build. As a consultant, the analytics maturity chart is my guiding principle (descriptive/diagnostic/predictive/prescriptive). No matter where your company is on the ladder, there are unique challenges, but there is always gains to be had from advancing upwards.

If you have data, I can help you make it valuable.

Our Thoughts

A Data Driven Mind – by Andreas Franson

Realities, possibilities and speculations beyond the buzz.

Visit a Data Driven Mind

AdvAn:tage – by Marcus Berg

Musings on how to do advanced analytics and climbing on the analytics maturity chart.

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